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Destiny Tournaments aims to individually organize public events and competitions.

NEWS / News Archive

Last Rites Gaming is organizing a tournament together with FarCognitions and PlanetDestiny!
These are the links to the respective homepages:
Last Rites Gaming

The Last Rites League has started - an European League featuring 16 teams. Check out the official page for all the info, stats and match-ups.
The prizes are: 700 pounds (GBP) for the winner and a SCUF Gaming pad for the League MVP! We can definitely expect big from that event!

We will try to cover as many links to streams as possible on here so that you can easily access their games. Please note that the rivaling teams are free to time their matches over the span of a week; hence no fixed time is set at all.

Stay tuned!

Congratulations to Landfall for winning today's Classic 3V3!
The team consisted of:

ClassicAcid and his team went second place, Remember This Name won the third place game against iScythe2.

Thanks for participating - those were some fun and exciting matches to watch, GGs!

We proudly publish all the info of the Classic 3V3 PS4 tournament of Saturday, 30th January 2016:
Initially, it was intended to have a total of 32 teams. As the event was announced on rather short notice, we could only consider 16 teams. Therefore, the tournament starts one hour LATER as had initially been planned. The updated! schedule looks as follows:
* First round - 13:00 to 14:00
* Quarter Finals - 14:00 to 15:00
* Semi Finals - 15:00 to 16:00
* Finals - 16:30
(Please note: These are UK times.)

The first round pairings have been drafted using Random.org/lists. Please click here for the screenshot of the lottery. These are the match-ups:

Bracket can't be displayed

The bracket will be updated every round, so if you've won your games and made it to the next round, please refresh the page to see who you're going up against and coordinate the search/match-up with the respective captain.

The rules can also be found using this link. Apart from fairness and respect toward your opponents at all time we ask you to abide to those rules - please read them through carefully.

If you are a viewer and would like to tune in to one of the live streams, here are all the links to the teams and twitch-accounts:
Team Name Captain (PSN) Stream/Twitch
Remember This Name Itsjoakimfn Joakimfn
iScythe2 drafix1986 DrafixTV
WhereDemOrbsAt xxphilly10xx Unrivaled7
IH2BU DLegitNoob DLegitNoob
- ClassicAcid xX_LoKiXx
Landfall BlackHunter073 Tiny_Jnr

Best of luck and a lot of fun to everyone out there!

These following events might be coming up shortly.
Events in progress
System Name Region Type Mode Teams Schedule
PS4 PvP-Legends Worldwide PvP 4V4 tbd Visit the official homepage!

There are currently no other events scheduled. Please visit this page to get notified via email for future events & news!